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Coletivo DES was born in 2020 with the aim of ending the fashion of exploitation and creating the fashion of respect...

Respect for people,

a whole chain of workers, from farmers to seamstresses, who deserve to be seen as equals, to have their work recognized, valued and fairly remunerated.

Respect for our home,

a planet that is screaming for help and waiting for us to take action!

Gone are the days when it was acceptable to close our eyes and pretend that nothing was happening. 

Respect for you,

that deserves to know what you are buying.

What is your outfit made of, where did it come from, who made it?

These are questions that we all need to ask and that we are more than happy to answer!

We want to offer you a transparent and ethical fashion.

With a process thought and rethought to be as clean as possible,

always in a social, collective and ecological way.


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