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Transparency is part of our DNA, so we want to share our entire process with you!

Our costs are an important part of this process and the way they are allocated says a lot about our goals and priorities.

Below we show in detail everything that makes up the final price of our products.

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But what exactly do these items mean?

Product cost:

It is everything that involves the creation and production of the product. Going through the purchase of fabrics and trims; by modeling, cutting and sewing the pilot product; and finally the production.

Administrative costs:

It involves all of our fixed expenses. Light, internet, workplace, ecommerce platform, accountant, partners' salary...

Selling expenses:

These are expenses that occur when a sale is made. For example: packaging, labels, credit card fees...

Taxes/Export Fees:

It's what we pay to the government to be a regularized company. And also the expenses to export the products from Brazil to Israel.

Profit and Reinvestments:

After ensuring that all the rest was paid, we programmed a percentage to replace the initial investments and mainly to reinvest in the brand.

These investments can be new products, differentiated fabrics, events...

We don't always reach the planned percentage, depending a lot on the monthly sale.



An example to make it easier:

If a product costs


Product Cost:


Adm Costs:


Selling Expenses:




Profit and Reinv.


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