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Clothes with meaning and responsibility!

We aim to create versatile clothes that adapt to your daily life and accompany you for many years! For this reason, we launch products as we see demand for it, we do not follow fashion calendars, fashion shows or seasons.

The idea is to encourage conscious and thoughtful consumption, avoiding impulse purchases or just because a new trend has been launched.

We care about the entire cycle of our products, always aiming to reduce the negative impact on the environment and increase the positive impact on people.

Ecological Fabrics

All our fabrics and knits are ecologically responsible.

But what does it mean? We explain!


Organic Cotton:

Certified cotton that guarantees its care from the moment of planting.

Pesticides are not used, which protects the health of the land and those who work on it; water use is drastically reduced; uses the crop rotation system, alternating the same space with other species so that the soil nutrients are not depleted.

In addition to all this, the cultivation of organic cotton is largely done by small producers and families, which encourages fair trade and the non-use of slave labor.

Recycled/Repurposed Fabrics:

Fabrics or knits that are developed from existing fibers. They can occur in two ways: using threads and scraps that are discarded during the weaving or making process of clothes, or from the shredding of used clothes and/or old fabrics.

Tecido Rolls Fábrica

No use of Chemical Dyes:

We do not use any type of chemical or environmentally harmful dyeing.

Our recycled/repurposed fabrics have their original colors, eliminating the need for a new dyeing. The others are used in their raw aspect or with the use of natural dyeing (coloring the fibers from elements of nature such as seeds, plants, fruits...)


100% vegan:

We believe that all beings deserve the same care and respect, which is why we do not use any fabric from animal sources. Fur, feathers, leather, wool, silk... none of this is part of our production.


Conscious packaging and trims:

Every detail of our products is carefully thought out,

from the trims to the delivery.

  • All clothes are shipped in recycled cardboard boxes;

  • The boxes are closed with gummed tape, made with recycled cardboard and vegetable gum;

  • Our stock is stored without the use of plastic packaging;

  • The Tags are made of recycled paper and the brand tag (the one that is sewn into the piece) is made of raw cotton;

  • The buttons used in the products come from recycling and are biodegradable.

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